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1 year ago

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 gets Lollipop

T-Mobile’s versions of the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 getting the Android Lollipop revise today.


According to Samsung, IT is testing the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update for its premium Galaxy Tab S 10.5 tablet with huge Super AMOLED display. 


The Samsung Galaxy Tab s is designed at just 6.6mm thin (which is thinner than either the iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina Display) If you select for the Wi-Fi only model you'll get an Exynos 5 Octa SoC with a 1.9 GHz quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU paired with a 1.3 GHz quad-core Cortex-A7; In the meantime the LTE model will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. The propinquity sensor and front facing camera are placed above the display, across from the hardware button on both units.

Having the hardware button on the bottom of the Tab S 10.5 in landscape results in larger top and bottom bezels on the Tab S 10.5, but the side bezels are reasonable and the device still looks attractive and functions well.


A power button, volume button, microSD card slot, IR port, microUSB poort, 3.5mm headset jack, and dual stereo speakers are placed around the sides of the tablet. The 8 megapixel camera and flash are found on the back of the tablet. It has eased on the TouchWiz UI with the Lollipop update for its premium Galaxy smartphones. Now it would be appealing to see if any changes are made in the Magazine UX with Lollipop update for the powerful Tab S series tablets.


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1 year ago

Microsoft-Nokia: A Tale of Two Broken Business Models

The launch of Lumia(Nokia Smartphone) in the market is showing a pivotal point in the Microsoft-Nokia partnership. But how successful will it be?

Nokia and Microsoft both fighting their battles: Microsoft is protecting its PC software licensing business. Nokia, on the other hand, fights to stay alive as a handset manufacturer, grow in earnings of the Smartphone business. The common thing: Both were disrupted by fundamental shift in the mobile industry.


The origin of competition in software addition to mobile has changed. The once-successful business models of Microsoft and Nokia can no longer make sure its profitable growth. The partnership between the two companies cannot change that. Google once cynically said that two turkeys don’t make an eagle. Or do they?


Microsoft: A PC company in the mobile age

Reports about “Microsoft making more money on Android than on Windows Phone”, to make a popular heading, but miss the point. Microsoft’s mobile plan is in relation to dropping ecosystem churn. Every iPhone developer represent a developer who adds value to Apple network and not Microsoft’s.

In January 2012, Microsoft Windows & Windows Live, Server & Tools and Business division is dependable to generate 75% of the revenues. The company reported weaker than-expected PC demand in the last quarter of 2011. Revenue of Windows & Windows Live Division fell 6 percent year over year (and this is during the lucrative holiday quarter!), and yet worse – operating income declined by 11 percent.


The company’s core business is challenged at multiple levels. iPhone and iPad users are gradually choosing Mac as their next computer – where as Mac success means less Windows licensing revenues. Furthermore, tablets are displacing netbooks and laptops, which were the hope of the PC industry until recently. 


Insisting on sailing upwind

With this partnership, Nokia and Microsoft persevere on sailing upwind with their sails flap. Combining two business model of the 1990’s will not help the two companies get back their positions in the new technology world order, from other by companies with Internet-age business models, like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook.

It seems, the simple way for Nokia and Microsoft would be the acquirement of Nokia’s Smartphone business by Microsoft.

1 year ago

Xperia E4g – the easy-to-use, speedy smartphone

“Xperia E4 brings with many features people expect of Sony to lower-tier devices. It conveys that same quality and no difficulty of use and having super-fast 4G LTE connectivity”. With simple set-up and unrivalled 2 day battery life, we believe both models symbolize value for those who want premium Sony technology and experiences often only related with high-end devices.


Get started without any wait 

Xperia E4g is made in super quality and easy rather than other smart phone, blackberry, windows devices where you can setup and enjoy the new things. Transfer app in this phone allows you to transfer contacts, photos, bookmarks, apps, music, messages and much more steadily.

Xperia E4g features Sony’s modest Android skin, but also transports the Simple Home interface providing larger icons and all your favorite apps on one screen, with those you don’t need stored efficiently away in folders – perfect if you prefer to use your Smartphone for particular functions.

Right on cue, with signature Sony design 

Xperia E4g is Sony inside and out; rounded and robust, perfect for one hand usage. Offered in classic Black and White. It retains that timeless Xperia form a precision and a cut power button, superior mirror-finish logo and stainless steel camera ring and a scratch-resistant.


Built for speed – 4G LTE and two-day battery life, powered by a 1.5 GHz Quad-core processor


Xperia E4g is 4G LTE . It means you  have the fastest news and information download, find your way using maps, check and send email, pictures and enjoy lag-free music streaming on the go.


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1 year ago

Wide Range of Home Appliances –

A Home with no Appliances is like a haunted house. Home Appliances are the mechanical and electrical devices which are used in our day to day life at home.


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1 year ago

7 Ladies Handbags That Every Woman Should Own

Confession time. Just remind how many bags do you own? And how many are stolen how many you are forgotten any where and how many are gifted? Whether you are a stylish or a professional, whether you like to dress yourself at Home, Office or would like to go market for shopping or attaining a birthday party/ marriage party, you cannot go on without a bag. Can you?


So here below we listed the seven types of ladies handbags that every woman should own. A bag list so as to will save you in any occasion or season. Today if you have idea of bag shopping, you should absolutely not to forget to view some bags from our list:


1.    Totes: Of course, Totes should be one of the necessary from your bag collection. Spacious and suitable, you should have a totes for your quick and daily use in your clothes will suit any outfit.  

2.    Cross Body Bag: Fashionable and elegant, you cannot do your style without a cross body bag. Simply elegant, it is the greatest method to go minimalistic 


3.    Back-pack: Yes, the older classic are back. Fairly fit for a clear day out, to match with your informal shorts and jeans, not to forget, it is extremely suitable to take around.  


4.    Satchel: This satchel ladies hand bags are well structured, organized and classy suited for formal occasion and even for a dinner date.  

5.    Evening Clutch: Whether you want to attend party functions everyday for you or not, it is necessary for all woman to have a glittering clutch. Clutches are dazzler with skirts, evening gowns and dresses.  


6.    Plain/ Leather Clutch: As not every women loves glitters and nor does go to every outfit. So, along with the dazzling evening clutch, you should also own a simple leather or plain clutch to add that touch of simplicity!

7.    Bracelet Shoulder Bag: A handbag with a weave of fashion- bracelet shoulder bag. You can as well get cross body with a bracelet belt. These bags are not actually big in size or small. These bags can be matched with both formal and casual wear.

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1 year ago

Sony Xperia E4 Specifications And Price

Sony xperia e4 has lastly succeed after sony xperia e3 as promise by sony. one of the prominent features of sony xperia e4 is the long last in the battery performance which will last for good two days in general. the most excellent sony xperia e4  battery performance come up into survival as soon as user activate the device stamina and ultra stamina characteristic to help out safe battery life. this ultra stamina feature helps to make longer the life span of your device battery when, nearly everyone of the time you don’t use to have power supply.


the sony xperia e4 comparatively a bit large screen than sony xperia e3. the 5-inch device uses a higher resolution at qhd, the device is comparatively thicker than sony xperia e3, and the specific battery size is measured a t 2300 mah.


sony xperia e4 built in a special feature 1.3 ghz quad core-processor, 1 gb ram and 8 gb internal memory and a microsd supported and expandable upto 32 gb. with sony xperia e4 the capacity of primary camera is 5.00 mp and secondary camera 2.0 mp, you can enjoy the best of your image shot.

this sony xperia e4 runs on android 5.0 lollipop with mediatek mt6582  processor make which is a close rival of motorola moto g.

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1 year ago

Top 5 Android apps for a smarter Smartphone

Google has offered many app which were confusing and unattractive in past. However, Google has changed the guidelines of designing and has now raised its many standards and has become a game changer in the production of simple and smart apps.


So we have combined five apps which look immense and also propose a simple   experience on your Latest Android Phones.
Sunrise Calendar

Generally Calendar applications seem unsavory when stacked with arrangements, commemorations, birthdays and different meetings. Sunrise Calendar, then again, has an astounding plan that looks excellent when loaded with all the information from Gmail, Facebook and private mails. The versatile application additionally accompanies a helpful gadget and web interface. 

Sunrise Calendar gets connected with Evernotes to make your remainders editable.

Users, who aren’t satisfied with the Gallery application on their Best Android Phone, can give a shot to this QuickPic app. If the photos are tagged by Time and Location then this application by itself sets the photos in groups. GIF pictures and videos can be played on this app. 

It is quite handy in making, renaming and managing the folders of different photos. This app can be linked with the Online Storage like Picasa, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Google Drive and more to keep a duplicate of your photographs.  


Hello SMS

Many messaging apps are available, but best is the Hello SMS. The Hello SMS offers different themes for their users. Aside from being quick for instant messages, it also tabs the interface of the user and every tab contains the picture of the person you are chatting with. 

Hello SMS looks simple and incredible and it is supposed to be the default SMS application of most of the people.
Yahoo News Digest

The Yahoo News Digest is a news application that essentially offers you a collection of news twice a day. All the stories are conveyed with a key point and a summary. The stories are divided into categories for making it more accessible for the users.

Expense Manager

This app helps in maintaining a clean sheet of all your incoming and outgoing of money. It helps us in saving a lot and keeping a check on our expenses with different colors for different categories. Because of this app one can also check out his/her weekly, monthly and yearly expenses.


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1 year ago


When you have a CD DVD RW Burner Drive installed in your hp pavilion laptop, the system automatically reads it as "CD DVD RW Burner Drive For HP Pavilion," along with the other drives in your computer. To access it, you only need to insert an optical disc (CD or DVD) into the CD/DVD-ROM drive for the computer to recognize it. 

Depending on the kind of CD/DVD-ROM device you have installed, you can use it to read data from optical discs or burn data onto blank CDs/DVDs.


Use a CD DVD RW Burner Drive for HP Pavilion in Windows

Insert the optical disc into the CD/DVD-ROM drive of your computer. Click on "Start" then "My Computer" and "Computer", if you are using Windows XP and Windows Vista/7 respectively.


After that Right-click on the CD DVD RW Burner Drive on HP Pavilion laptop and then click "Open" to view all files stored in the CD. Browse through the files in the CD/DVD and locate the ones that you need.


If you need to write files from a local drive in your computer onto the CD or DVD, locate the files first, and then copy them by highlighting the files and pressing "Ctrl + C".

Navigate back to "My Computer" or "Computer" and double-click on the CD DVD RW Burner Drive for HP Pavilion to open. Paste the files that you need to burn onto the CD/DVD by right-clicking on an empty space and clicking "Paste."


Click on "write these files to CD”, displaying on the left side of the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions of the "CD Writing” and wait for the burning process to complete.


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1 year ago

What the Difference between Phone, Phablet and Tablet?

Tablets are a new type of internet-enabled computer touch screen interface with usual screen measuring between 8.9 and 10 inch with downloadable apps and are Slim and light weighted. Usually tablets are not featured for calls or smses. From that point forward, different contenders including Samsung, Google and Apple have also released tablets, though Apple remains the market leader and the name most people think of when considering a tablet. 


A Smartphone is a cell phone with a coordinated PC and different not originally associated with telephones, such as an operating system, Web browsing and the ability to run software applications. Smartphone or modern telephone is to feature phone call, sms, and web browsing and so on. They usually vary with screen sizes, from 3 inches to 5 inches. So the examples of Smartphone are Samsung Galaxy Mini, Motorola RAZR and similar products.


The combined term of Smartphone and Tablet is called Phablet, which is a class of advanced cells that has a screen size between 5 and 8 inches and is designed to incorporate or complement the functions of smart phones and tablets. Tablet is a gadget that has a touch screen interface, and usually measuring 8.9 to 10 inches. Usually tablets are not featured for calls or smses. Examples of such Phablet are iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Motorola Xoom and it goes on and on.  


 Phablet is normally bigger than a Smartphone, yet littler than a tablet. The expression "Phablet" was initially utilized at the site on Engadget innovation and Forbes. The expression "Phablet" likewise need to get licensed by LG Electronics, in spite of the fact that a definite choice is in stake.


Although larger than a smart phone, Phablet have a tendency to be littler and more slender than the tablet, making it advantageous for carrying. Phablet usually used for mobile web access and multimedia, including activities that require a large screen. In a series of Samsung Galaxy Note, Phablet has special software that allows the stylus features sketches, and notes.

The device was first recognized as a Dell Streak Phablet. And examples Phablet on the market today such as the Samsung Galaxy Note, LG Optimus, Vu Panasonic, Eluga Power.

1 year ago

Low Price: 4G and 3G Nokia Phones

Nokia has specified to lower their costs on 4G and 3G Latest Nokia Phones in India to influence 4G services and help the nation to develop. Due to the service of 4G, its users can enjoy a 10-12 times better internet speed as compared to the 3G services.

Shoppers may get around 10-12 times more Internet speed on cellular telephones in 4G contrasted with normal pace they get in 3G administrations.


 "We have to continue pushing point lower and lower than anything we have today. That the declaration for both 3G and LTE (4G) because that is the thing which gives us size of the natural framework," Microsoft's Mobile Device Sales, Corporate Vice President Chris Weber told PTI.

Microsoft has taken over Nokia, which was once a worldwide pioneer. But now due to the rising popularity of Android based Smartphone, Nokia Smartphone has lost its grip from the first position to third position in India.


Nokia's least expensive 4G telephone Lumia 635 is valued at around Rs 11,300 yet this phone is not disbursed in India. According to sources we came to know about the dispatching of its newest 4G Lumia 830 costing around Rs 26,000 before October. One more Nokia Mobile with Price around Rs 17,500 known as Lumia 735 with 4G empowered in it will be unveiled but the sources were not certain about organization's plan to dispatch this model in India.


Numerous telecom operators have not revealed 4G system in the nation because of deficiency of moderate 4G gadgets.


Reliance can be used for 4G services as per its broadband wireless spectrum. Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have plans to provide 4G services in the 1800 Mhz band, which has been utilized so far for giving 2G administrations.


Weber said that Microsoft Devices has been examining with Indian telecom zones for association.
According to statistical surveying Nokia was the third biggest player second quarter of 2014 in Indian cellular telephone market.